It’s likely that your business or organization wants refreshment options for your staff or clientele. A vending machine, by design, provides this service for you at an unattended point of sale. Summit Vending does all of the ‘tending’ of the machines for you.

Summit Vending is a full-service supplier meaning that:

  • we supply vending machines,
  • we stock vending machines, and
  • we service vending machines      

The vending business is no longer just a snack and soft drink dispenser—vending service can provide virtually any product. Not only that, the machines have become very sophisticated pieces of equipment.

Summit Vending will manage your vending needs whether you are a company with hundreds of consumers, or are a small or home-based business with fewer clientele simply needing coffee service.

We provide vending services to offices, factories, retail stores, auto dealerships, schools, hairdressing salons, smaller offices, and others. Our Keurig coffee service

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