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Summit Vending is a long-standing supplier and servicer of vending machines and office coffee.  Early in 1996, a well known Auto Dealership in Abbotsford BC needed some refreshment choices for its staff and customers. On February 6th of that year, we installed our first machine to meet that need. Since then, we have progressed into an active manager of vending units throughout BC.

Summit Vending

The vending business itself is more than a century old and generates over $11 Billion (USD) in global revenues. It’s a large, well-established industry aimed at filling immediate consumer needs. Summit Vending has 15 years of market development and expansion. We are now a multi-faceted business meeting the varied demands of our many clients.

Part of the job satisfaction in the vending business is identifying and solving the specific issues and needs for each customer —whether large companies with hundreds of consumers, or smaller and home-based businesses with fewer purchasers.

The driving goal behind our success is a dedication to reliable service. Many vending suppliers work as a part-time, or side, business. Summit Vending is dedicated to our client service and operates on a full-time, seven days a week, basis. A client should rarely have to concern themselves with their vending units—we pride ourselves on taking care of the details in a timely and dependable way.

We also value our commitment to reduce our environmental impact. Any material that we can recycle we do recycle. Any product or feature that is healthier for our environment or our bodies, we make the effort to supply. Vending machines have gone through decades of development and now offer energy efficient units that reduce energy use by as much as 50%.

At Summit Vending we pride ourselves on providing positive customer experience and we strive to bring you innovative individualized service. Contact us at or by calling 1.604.850.2510

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