Summit Vending can provide clients with the coffee brewers you need, whether you will be brewing a few cups a day or a hundred. We follow that with scheduled delivery of a large variety of coffee flavors and other hot beverage selections.

Coffee has been enjoyed for centuries. In 1946 the invention of coffee venders lead to the use of machines to provide for coffee breaks. Today, coffee breaks are an ingrained part of our day. Coffee even became the world’s most popular beverage in 1995 with over 400 millions cups consumed per year.

Keurig Coffee Service offers you individualized gourmet coffee options. The coffees are a perfect blend of luxury and convenience— Keurig advertises that its brewers make coffee simply, quickly, and without any mess to clean up. Keurig has machines designed for home, work, hospitality, or food service use.

Our current flavor assortment includes:

  • Dark roasted and extra bold coffees,
  • Medium roast,
  • Flavored coffees, (eg. Chocolate almond)
  • various hot chocolates, (eg. White hot chocolate)
  • Teas (Earl Grey, Chai, herbal, green),
  • Seasonal beverages (eg. Spicy Eggnog), and
  • Decaffeinated coffees.

We are also eagerly waiting for new flavors to be released in the near future. To get started on your private supply of Keurig coffees delivered regularly to your door, contact or call 778.908.2530